Orders placed now will be 2024 dispatch
Orders placed now will be 2024 dispatch

About our Products

The entire Cubbi Buddi play sofa and add-on range is proudly Australian owned and made
and has been meticulously designed by Paediatric Occupational Therapists (us!). 

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Our Cubbi Buddi

The Cubbi Buddi can be turned into the most epic of cubbies, towers, car ramps, slides, obstacle courses, secret caves, reading corners, movie loungers, a safe place to crash tackle and perfect for those new movers! We designed the Cubbi Buddi to be: 

  • Light enough for children to move and build with
  • Just the right size for function AND fit into smaller rooms
  • Super durable to withstand all that kids will throw at it
  • Easy to move and pack away with the handy handles
  • A sleepover spare bed solution

A Cubbi Buddi provides an indoor option for burning all of that energy by allowing for jumping, crashing, lifting, pushing, pulling, building, rolling on and creating with – and at the end of the day a mega cute little couch for relaxing on! Keep it set up as a couch or separate into single seats, stack it up in the corner or slide under beds if you are short on space!

Our Pieces

8 simple pieces to create infinite hours of play? Sign me up!

Two equal height bases that are the perfect mix of strength and comfort for active all day play and for a comfy place to rest at the end of the day! 

Two trapezoid cushions with flat tops to be a stable platform for epic builds, comfy backrests and to create challenges in obstacle courses.

Two armrests to complete the mini lounge look, another place to rest your head, a balance beam for little footsies and the perfect angle for tummy time.


The Cubbi Buddi is...

Designed by Occupational Therapists
Heavy Commercial Grade rated fabric
Stain Resistant
Machine washable
GECA Certified Foam
Australian Made

More good stuff to know

Worry Free Foam

Cubbi Buddi is made from three different grades of high quality, high density open cell polyurethane foam. Our foams have an antimicrobial treatment applied which helps to control dust mites and other household bugs and therefore reduces allergies, asthma and bacterial growth. The inside of the Cubbi Buddi range uses GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Certified foam. This means that the product is better for our environment and reduces the impact on our health so you know that you are getting the best quality. Your Cubbi Buddi is not treated with any additional fire retardant chemicals. Our foam supplier is an 100% Australian family owned business that makes and supplies foam nationally.

Certified Australian Made

We love being Australian owned and made! We get to source our materials, have our covers sewn, get our foam made, buy our boxes and pack all of our Cubbi Buddis right here in Sydney, Australia. We are involved every step of the way.
We are very proud of our Australian Made badge and being able to play our role in supporting local industries. You just can't beat the quality.

Our Fabric

Durable and resistant to everyday life with kids?! YES SIR!
We searched high and low until we found a fabric that ticked all the boxes when it came to withstanding heavy daily use and mess with kids, being easily washable AND looked good in your home! Our fabric is classed as 'Heavy Commercial Grade' meaning it can be found in hotels, schools and shopping centres - so you know it means business! Super long wearing, naturally stain resistant, anitmicrobial leather look vinyls, easily spot cleanable and machine washable.

The Finer Features

Handy Handles: Research shows that toys that use pulling and pushing aid in child development by building gross motor and fine motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. The handles can also be used to clip motivating toys to, extend imaginary play and simply makes moving the Cubbi Buddi around easy peasy!

Safety Zippers: colour matched to your chosen Cubbi Buddi fabric with lockable sliders for the ultimate sleek but safe design for little curious hands.

Strong Covers: our covers are all double stitched with top stitching for that extra fancy touch but ensures strength and longevity.

Did you know

With your purchase, you officially become a member of the Cubbi Buddi Family - which gives you exclusive access to FREE downloadable activity ideas for ways to use your Cubbi Buddi!

Our Awesome Add Ons

A range of additional mega fun pieces to extend your Cubbi Buddi play…. trust us, you’ll want them all! All of our add ons are made from the same high quality Australian Made foam and commercial grade washable fabric as our Cubbi Buddi’s.

The Spots

A wonderful addition to your Cubbi Buddi builds or just to any bedroom, lounge room or playroom. These can be stepping stones, little tables, footrests, launchpads, wheels, backrests, a play surface, rollers, or just a comfy spot to chill.

The Spots provide opportunities for gross motor skill development, heavy work, safe risk-taking, imaginative play, motor planning, creative play, core strength and balance development.

The Cloud

A deliciously soft place to land (and nap)! The soft uneven surface of The Cloud makes the perfect crash pad for your little daredevils. Use on it’s own or use with your existing Cubbi Buddi to extend your play.

The Cloud is great for developing gross motor skills, core strength, muscle tone, safe risk-taking, deep pressure input and resting together! Made from the perfect mixture of foam pieces sealed inside our commercial grade fabric covers.

The Ramps

This one is for the crawlers, the climbers and the downhill rollers. The Ramps pair perfectly with your Cubbi Buddi to create a climbing ramp, rolling hill, slide setup and fun obstacle courses. Use two ramps together to create a support under your base cushions or as a giant triangle for even more support and stability when climbing to the peak!

Perfect for those BIG kids (*cough* dads) who want in on the action too. Great for developing gross motor skills, balance, strength, shoulder and wrist stability and motor planning skills. 

The Rollers

The Rollers are the perfect support to your builds – stand them up, knock them down, roll over them!

Create grand cubby houses, royal castles, epic obstacle courses and more! Made from our firmest foam to ensure your builds remain tough!

The Mini Spots

This two pack of gorgeous ‘Mini Spots’ are the perfect accessory for your Cubbi Buddi play or to fancy up any bedroom, loungeroom, playroom and well just about anywhere!

They add to the open-ended play opportunities the Cubbi Buddi and add on’s already provide. They can be wheels on a car, a steering wheel, rolling circles, jumping pads, a spot to sit or a comfy place to rest your head!

The Cubbi Buddi team is always busy working on something new, wait and see what comes next!

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