Fun for the whole family. made by mums imagined by kids.
fun for the whole family. Made by mums imagined by kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is the Cubbi Buddi for?

Answer: The whole family! There are no limitations on who and how you use your Cubbi Buddi.

Question: Why does the Cubbi Buddi use different grades of foam?

Answer: We wanted the best mix of a strong foundation and softness for comfort and landings whilst also ensuring the just right amount of sensory input.

Question: Are the bases joined?

Answer: Yes! This makes it super easy to fold up and move but also extra strong for climbing up to the top of the mountain peak.

Question: Can I wash the fabric cover of my Cubbi Buddi?

Answer: Yes! Our material is naturally stain resistant so spot cleaning should be all that you need - however if you do need to do a deeper clean simply zip off the covers (zip them back up for washing so zips don't get damaged), pop it on a cold gentle wash on its own and line dry in the shade. It is best to wash all pieces together for consistency.

Question: How do I clean the vinyl cover of my Cubbi Buddi?

Answer: All spills on the Cubbi Buddi vinyl can be easily wiped off. You can use a simple cloth or you can use heavier duty cleaning products if needed. Please note silicone-based cleaners however cannot be used. If you have specific cleaning questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Question: Do you sell coversets?

Answer: Yes! Coversets are perfect for a colour change up or while your other cover is in the wash so you are never without a fully dressed Cubbi Buddi or Add On!

Question: Can the Cubbi Buddi be used as a bed for sleepovers?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! It makes for such a quick and easy sleepover or movie night solution! Lay the bases out next to each other to create two single beds or close to a double bed!

Simply add the Cubbi Buddi fitted waterproof bamboo sheet and forget all your worries.

Question: How does Christmas Lay-by work?

Answer: Simply pay a 25% deposit at the time of purchase. Then a further 3 payments of 25% made over the following 3 months. Be sure to note 'Hold for Christmas' in the checkout notes section. Delivery will be from mid November.

Question: Is the Cubbi Buddi Australian made?

Answer: Yes, Cubbi Buddi’s are Australian made! The foam is locally manufactured in Sydney, our material is sourced directly from our Melbourne-based fabric supplier and our sewing machinists are also in Sydney.

Question: What are Cubbi Buddi developmental activity guides?

Answer: When you welcome a Cubbi Buddi into your family you will also gain access to downloadable;
- Developmental Milestones
- Activity ideas for your Cubbi Buddi to target different stages of development
- Build Idea Posters

Question: What are the handles for?

Answer: Research shows that toys that use pulling and pushing aid in child development by building gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and spatial awareness. The handles can also be used to clip motivating toys onto for activities such as tummy time and make manoeuvring the Cubbi Buddi a cinch!

Question: What payment methods do you offer?

Answer: We accept Credit Card payments via Stripe, Direct Deposit, Apple Pay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in 4.

Question: What’s comes in the box?

Answer: 2 sturdy and comfy bases (2 sets of adjoining rectangles), 2 trapezoid cushions and 2 cute armrests - which equal hours and hours of FUN!

Question: How long can I keep it in the box?

Answer: FOREVER! But that would be boring!
Our Cubbi Buddi's come boxed ready to play - there is no compressing so they are safe to stay inside the box till the perfect time to reveal them!

All our NZ shipments and Australian Cloud foam comes compressed to reduce shipping costs.

Question: I have floorboards in my house, do I need to put something underneath the Cubbi Buddi to stop it from sliding?

Answer: Yes. Floorboards will be okay for most builds. However we highly recommend popping a rug or yoga mat under your Cubbi Buddi for maximum stability.

Question: I have an issue with my Cubbi Buddi, what do I do?

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Cubbi Buddi but know we may not always get it right - so please reach out to us at with any issues or concerns you may have.

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