The 5 star rated Aussie Play Lounge! Create more family time together!
The 5 star rated Aussie Play Lounge!
Create more family time together!

Enjoy endless ways to play with a Cubbi Buddi


Cubbi Buddi

(45 customer reviews)
Starting from $550 + Delivery
Cubbi Buddi is the super fun and beautiful modular play lounge with infinite ways to play!

Packaged in 3 big boxes ready to play with or store for as long as needed!

Shipping starts from $65 (read more about our shipping prices below).

Cubbi Buddi

(45 customer reviews)
Starting from $550 + Delivery
Cubbi Buddi is the super fun and beautiful modular play lounge with infinite ways to play!

Packaged in 3 big boxes ready to play with or store for as long as needed!

Shipping starts from $65 (read more about our shipping prices below).

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Helpful product information


45 reviews for Cubbi Buddi

  1. (verified owner)

    One of the best things we’ve bought. The builds are endless, kids love it and its super comfy

  2. admin (verified owner)

    Easily the best play based investment I have made. Being rural and not having easy access to playgroups and playgrounds I am always conscious of ensuring our kids have a variety of toys and learning resources and equipment in our toy room that give them similar opportunities. The addition of cubbi buddi to our play room has been significant – it not only has encouraged lots of physical gross motor development but also encourages so much imaginative play. I only wish I had these when my oldest children were younger – although in saying that being older certainly hasn’t stopped them joining in with their younger siblings on all the cubbi buddi fun! We have two sets and definitely plan to add to our collection. The quality is impeccable and the design is well thought through. A worthwhile investment for every family.

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  3. babydoll_2201 (verified owner)

    Wow what can we say! The cubbi buddi has been the best item we have purchased for our kids they are on it everyday! Little miss was having physio on her legs/feet as she had week muscle tone, since using the cubbi buddi her physio couldn’t believe how strong her muscles have become in such a short time.
    Our son is 6.5yrs old and 23kgs and the cubbi buddi has no issues supporting him during play.
    It is versatile item from fine motor, gross motor, roll play and even spare bed when friends come and stay!
    The fabric is next level amazing, little miss had strawberries and decided to play on the cubbi buddi with it and it was all over it, I wiped it off with a wet one and not a trace was left!!

  4. Lauren Goodwin (verified owner)

    We could not love this more!!!! Our Cubbi Buddi us a definite favourite in our house. It looks great and is sooooo much fun. Sometimes we do pretty builds where the build is part of the fun, other times we randomly throw the bits around and use it as an obstacle course or crash mats. Either way is sooo much fun. We love it so much that we’ve come back to order add ons just because we want them : )
    I’m so glad we chose Cubbi Buddi

  5. Alexandra Brownsmith (verified owner)

    Could not recommend this product enough. Besides the fact that its design is well thought out and evidenced based, you really are supported by the Cubbi Buddi crew long after this delightful piece of open ended play arrives at your house.
    My three children (5, 3, 1) are all able to enjoy playing, building and relaxing on it.
    My husband, who rarely delights in my purchases, loves it too, so it’s a massive win in my books!

  6. Emily Dymnicki (verified owner)

    I went back and forth for a long time before deciding to get a cubbi buddi but from the day it arrived it has proved to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My almost 3 year old loves it both for physical play and imaginative/pretend play. It gets used every single day and has been a lifesaver with lockdowns and the winter weather. I’m really looking forward to our 6 month old being able to use it to develop both her gross and fine motor skills too.
    The quality of the fabric and the foam has been really surprising. Can’t recommend this more!

  7. sarahjane (verified owner)

    We were fortunate enough to win our cubbi buddi when they first opened their store. We chose to go with the Mystic Castle Grey fabric couch. I love that the covers have handles which makes it easy for my 7 and 2 year old to move around on their own. The cubbi buddi has endless build opportunities. My children’s favourite thing to build is obstacle courses. Every night our 7 year old uses it as a couch to chill out on while watching a movie and she has even used it as a bed to which she said it was very comfortable to sleep on

  8. Sarah Steinemann (verified owner)

    Wow wow wow! 🤩
    Our Cubbi Buddi play lounge is one of the best purchases we’ve ever made for our young kids! From building pirate ships to princess castles.. the ideas are endless! We have a nearly 3 year old and 7 month old and the Cubbi Buddi is an activity that they both will be able to use and play with together for years to come.
    The customer service is absolutely amazing and the team are more than happy to answer all of your questions without any hesitation. Oh and another plus is that Cubbi Buddi lounges are all Australian made and not full of any nasties! This is a purchase that you will not regret buying for your kids 😊

  9. Gen Pitkeathly (verified owner)

    I was looking for a play couch that was durable and functional. We have twin toddlers and cats that had previously destroyed a fabric couch.
    We ordered the vinyl cubbi buddi and it has been nothing but a huge hit!! The kids build, create and play on it everyday and the cats have zero interest in it!
    We go from teepees, shops, ramps for cars, bridges to climb, the list is endless, it has done wonders for encouraging the twins imagination, which is beautiful to see.
    It is magic!

  10. Kristy Corey (verified owner)

    We looked extensively between Cubbi Buddi and the competitors’ products before deciding to purchase our Cubbi Buddi. We are limited on space, so we wanted something that was affordable AND functional. It’s unique selling point was that each piece of the Cubbi Buddi has been designed with in mind to be compact and functional by Paed OT’s (and mums).

    The Cubbi Buddi can do everything the competitors can with builds, especially when we include some of our own cushions and toys too. The kids have gone beyond the imagination of the builds, creating their own zoos, pirate ships, and more.

    The added handles are a huge highlight of the Cubbi Buddi, which really assists with my young kids making their own designs. The added benefit to the kids doing the heavy lifting assists with regulating their emotions and improving attention on the tasks.

    Nothing goes past, being able to climb and jump all over the Cubbi Buddi either. This is equally as exciting as the builds for the kids.
    We’ve had our Cubbi Buddi for a month now, and it gets used every single day, even if it’s being used as a surface for other games or just a place to relax on. It’s a safe place for my kids to be silly and burn energy. We’re looking forward to the new additions, even though we are limited in space. It’s worth making space for.

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The Cubbi Buddi is easy to clean machine washable heavy commercial use rated antimicrobially treated Australian made environmentally friendly

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